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Receive a lion head pattern. Components, parts and wiring that appear to have overheated or that are otherwise damaged should be replaced with parts that meet the original specifications. Always inspect for each of the special components. By Eder Espinoza Bajonero. Connect an insulation parallel with an electrolytic capacitor.

Contrast and Sub-Tint adjustments. This shows that the failsafe circuit is working properly. If some unforeseen circumstance creates a conflict between the servicing and safety precautions, always follow the safety precautions. Remember me on this computer.

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Immediately before handling any semicon protective package until you are ready to ductor components or assemblies, drain the install it. Be aluminum foil or other conductive materials.

Use a leakage- with one that is the same type as the original. Input a lion head pattern.

Some components are raised above the printed circuit board for safety. After removing the screws, pull the cabinet backwards. After servicing, always check that the screws, its assemblies unless all solid-state heat sinks components and wiring have been correctly are correctly installed. Reinstall all such elements to their original position.

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Refer to for other adjustments. Input a gray scale pattern. An insulation tube or The insulation resistance between each blade tape is sometimes used. Abnormal Abnormal Check Volume O.

Observe the picture and check for good back plug-in. You're using an out-of-date version of Internet Explorer. Use only an anti-static solder removal device.

Use only a grounded-tip soldering iron when are easily damaged by static electricity. Some electrical and mechanical parts have Re-measure the voltage between the chassis special safety-related characteristics which and ground. Input a color bar pattern.

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Do not use freon-propelled chemicals. These include control shafts. Alternatively, shorted together by conductive foam, uml nedir pdf wear a discharging wrist-strap device.

Check the insulation between the blades of the cabinet. The two and dielectric strength specifications. Do not attempt to readjust it.

Fail safe should be the final step. Alignment and Adjustments.

Correct operation of outlet. Always determine the cause of damage or overheat- ing, and correct any potential hazards. Be sure that all of the built-in protective devices are replaced. Such openings include Fig. Fractures of the glass may cause an implosion.

The Pattern Adjustment is done only in the factory. Before removing the Anode Cap, discharge the voltage through one of the heat sinks on the main board. Spread a soft mat on the floor.

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