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This assistance should also apply when it is evident what information the applicant wants, but is unable to reduce it in writing. To be precise, the applicant must identify the document available with the public authority, which contains information he wants. In that case, he may seek the assistance of any other officer and inform the person requesting the information accordingly. Epudu ayana health baledhu past anthaga gurthuledhu.

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Application should be in a simple and easy language. The application may preferably be in writing though an e-mail is accepted as a mode as per law. Applicant must get proof of submission of an application for future use.

As a first step, the Applicant must identify material information held by the public authority. How to ask for information and what does it cost? Like you may come across with broken road in your society A thought. The law can give rights and cast obligations on the public servants, but it is up to the citizens to exercise the rights and for public servants to co-operate.

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Similarly, hypothetical questions and future events are often not material information available with a public authority. In this state of Telangana there are numerous issues that media is hiding and people are eager to know them. In metro cities, Speed Post facility is available till late evening or round-the-clock. Restrict your demand to fulfil your purpose i.

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Recently i received a letter from that office. Often, names of Public Information Officers are uploaded on the website of the public authority. Health sanitation problems, Road and transport issues.

Don't seek reasons for administrative decisions, but identify and seek material documents held by the public authority which shall contain reasons for such decisions. Guidelines for First Appellate Authority.

You can only seek information. Maa daddy peru medha sites or any registrations vunay annaru kani avi maku telidhu maa daddy kee gurthuledhu. If information not available, you can simply reply that information not available. In this state of Andhra Pradesh there are numerous issues that media is hiding and people are eager to know them.

At the end of the application make a declaration that you are an indian citizen. However, the selection process was not finalised in reasonable time. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. One of it demands state and central information systems under one Digital System to streamline information flow and provide proactive information backed by streamlined mandatory reporting. The Public Information Officer is required to assist the applicant who is unable to write owing to illiteracy or disability.

To illustrate, the copy of note-sheet granting approval for a decision shall contain the reasons for decision and objectivity in the decision-making process. Telangana is one of the states of union of india. Shailesh Gandhi's web site. All such decision making process or exercising discretionary powers are recorded on note-sheets, which shall clearly indicate objectivity in decision making. This Note Sheet moves upwards in the hierarchy and competent authority approve the transfer.

RTI Templates

Justification for Denial of Information is mandatory. Please submit Second Appeal. Please contact me if you need any further help.

What is Right to Information. Post office shall collect the original receipt and further get a confirmation from the delivery post office and inform the applicant. The thought need to be translated into easily understandable topic title. Mention your question point wise, avoid asking vague questions, ask direct questions.

But there is no compulsion under the law to stick to such proforma. Guidelines for Public Information Officer.

RTI Application Form

There is nothing like status or action taken report on a representation or particulars of an event normally available in material form with public authority. In both the above methods, you can track delivery status well in time. This note sheet shall contain the detailed reason and discussion about the reasons for transfer. Epudu aa vishayam telusukovatam ela.

RTI Application Form

Where there is doubt about the exact public authority, it is better to search website of possible public authorities with appropriate search string. The candidate wants to know the present status of selection. Hi, cormen introduction to algorithms pdf May you please ask your question in english?

How to Locate Public Information Officer. District Industries Centre, Yadadri District.

My name is Potte Lachanna. In other projects Wikisource. The process of transfer starts with putting up a Note Sheet proposing transfer duly elaborating reasons and available vacancy. How to find out which government authority handles a particular matter?