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One thing I particularly appreciate is the plethora of photographs of tower construction and feedline support and routing. This is my layman's understanding of it - I'm not a lawyer.

Radio-frequency engineer Outside Broadcast Radio-frequency engineer. The book includes an introduction to radio theory referring the reader to works by Kraus, Terman, and others for more detail. As its name implies, introduction to general psychology pdf it's not solely about electromagnetic or radio or antenna theory although these issues are certainly a part of what it talks about.

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How does this work legally? Looking back, that experience must have been phenomenal. Je moet zijn aangemeld om een recensie te plaatsen. Om optimaal gebruik te kunnen maken van Lulu.

Radio-frequency engineering

These books are invaluable references - especially to the amateur community - as they are well written and compile a tremendous amount of useable information in one place. Does anyone know of books by George H. It can be done on paper but it's a real grind when you're attempting to break new ground and you're under the gun. Does anyone have a bibliography of technical articles by George H. Then was showed cart, clicked Checkout, then was asked to log in again, etc.

They solder up very nicely! Earlier this year, I was able to borrow a copy from a local university library. It was the center of considerable interest.

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Engineering Aerospace engineering Civil engineering Electrical and electronics engineering Mechanical engineering Structural engineering. Now, if you want to know who got Red Robin to serve extra fries with their hamburgers, that's me. Chris, I see your point of view. De wet geeft richtlijnen voor online dienstverleners in het geval van inbreuk op het auteursrecht.

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Om melding van inbreuk te kunnen maken, vragen we je de onderstaande items aan te leveren. No one has exclusive rights to these books nowadays.

De Lulu-medewerkers zijn op de hoogte gebracht van een mogelijke overtreding van de bepalingen van onze ledenovereenkomst. Just ask Al Gore about the Internet sometime. Unfortunately, this book has been out of print for several decades.

Learn More Largest Inventory Over parts from more than trusted brands, more parts added all the time. We kunnen je formulier alleen in behandeling nemen als je alle verplichte velden hebt ingevuld. The main purpose is to understand how models could be constructed and how to analyze them.

Radio Antenna Engineering

Radio Antenna Engineering

With me I was brought up using math to satisfy my equations and just can't break the habit. Thank you for providing this, and bringing the work to light!

Valid on orders shipped in the contiguous United States. My bosses wanted it down in writing so most could be used for patent rights along with what my bosses boss also were interested for a reason of their own. Never expected Saturday delivery. Beoordelingen en recensies Meld je aan om een recensie over dit item te schrijven. Tucked inside the book is an original letter from Laport to the purchaser of the book, detailing this particular edition.

Used copies have been difficult to find, and expensive to buy. Offer excludes truck freight fees. Laport went on to say that there were also some number of bootlegged editions out there, including a version published in Chinese in mainland China that he had a copy of. Some research in the Library of Congress copyright database, and a letter to the original publisher, turned up the happy news that the original copyright was never renewed and has long since expired. It explains the concepts at a level accessible to an audience with a basic background in probability and digital communication.

Antennas Monoband or multi-band. HamPlus Antenna Switching Devices. It does not include, however, the LaPorte dual-rhomboid antenna, which was a later development. Many students will either share or not buy the text for many an engineering class. It's very unfortunate that engineering books of this kind are so expensive that most interested parties forgo the purchase.

Je melding is verzonden De Lulu-medewerkers zijn op de hoogte gebracht van een mogelijke overtreding van de bepalingen van onze ledenovereenkomst. Great job on researching the copyright issues and then releasing it under the creative commons license. Transmitting or receiving. The same is true of many other older works - e. Truly impressed, I will order everything from you from now on.

Radio Antenna Engineering by Edmund A. Laport

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Chrome Firefox Safari Explorer Opera. Most of us didn't have opportunity nor pleasure to meet Dr. He seemed somewhat stunned that his book still enjoyed such a following. Hi David, Thank you for taking the time and effort to do this.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. This is great material, and although it dates back several decades, it bridges the gap between strict theory and practical application.