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If you have arranged a face-to-face interview, remind your interviewee and take them somewhere quiet to conduct it. They may not wish to answer them, but that should never stop a good journalist from asking questions. Once you have done some research, try to prepare some questions in advance. It shows that there is disagreement in Cabinet - a fact which we report in the second paragraph. Also use your contacts outside the newsroom for background information.

Choose the main key point, write your intro around that then continue writing your story on that topic. One big story with an intro based on one angle Choose the main key point, write your intro around that then continue writing your story on that topic. Related Terms Conference Call A conference call is an event where investors can hear detailed information about the most recent quarterly report and ask questions for more background.

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This is not as complicated as it might seem. You should also establish at the start who the speaker represents on this occasion, if it has not already been made clear. How Brown Bag Meetings Work A brown bag meeting is an informal meeting that occurs in the workplace generally around lunchtime.

Press conference pdfPress Conference

It is not wise to attend a press conference at which a scientist is going to reveal a new source of energy without knowing something about what energy sources are currently available. Announce the departure or addition of a new executive.

In this chapter we will concentrate on press conferences for journalists. All sorts of people organise press conferences for all sorts of reasons. Not only should you note what is said at a press conference, kilograms to pounds conversion table .pdf but you should also be aware of what is not said. Ask other people in the newsroom.

Write a separate news story on each topic. Press conferences often raise a number of issues, especially when they are regular weekly or monthly press briefings.

Radio and television reporters should make a note of all interesting questions - whether their own or from other reporters - and ask them again during their one-to-one interview. It also means that their announcement will have maximum impact by being in all the media at the same time assuming that all the reporters think it is newsworthy. Don't forget to look in your picture library when appropriate, for example, in technical developments. Mark the important points in your notes as you go along.

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Corporate press conferences are generally led by the company's executive management or a press liaison or communications officer. In some cases, companies may time their press conferences before any news breaks. In other cases, lesser-known companies may want to increase their stature in the media by making it easier for news agencies to cover company events. If you go there expecting a certain announcement and it is not made, don't shrug your shoulders and leave. Question time Always try to ask at least one question, if only to show your presence.

It should be clear, concise, and to the point. This can range from asking your editor or chief of staff what the press conference is about to a full-scale search through your local reference library for background material. Most press conferences are announced through a press release which is a well-crafted written statement outlining the nature of the conference. If you work for radio or television, or wish to record the press conference to support your notes, arrive with enough time to set up your microphone in front of the interviewee. We give advice on what to do at press conferences and how to write stories from them.

You will normally get some idea from the stories themselves whether they came from a single press conference. There are ways of getting round this problem which we will discuss later. It is important that you hear questions from other reporters.

Finally, although press conferences usually involve question-and-answer sessions, print journalists should avoid using the questions themselves in your story. These should be good enough to provide you with a story if the announcement itself is not very newsworthy. Reporters may then be able to ask questions. Hang around on the chance of getting background information, picking up a bit of gossip or simply developing contacts.

Another consideration is who to invite. Of course, these are just some of the instances when a company may call a conference.

Logistics Writing the story Press conferences that cover several topics To summarise. When there is no official statement or no questions allowed, the event is called a photo op. If you work for radio or television, you should also ask for an individual interview when the conference ends.

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As a journalist, you should never go out to cover any story without knowing roughly what to expect. Disadvantages There are disadvantages to the media in press conference, the major of which is that it is more difficult to get an exclusive story from press conferences. Press conferences are a useful way of getting information if you use them to your advantage.

That gives you some control over the situation. This is especially important if someone plans to hold a press conference after your deadline for stories.