Myst 4 Komplettlsung Pdf

Open the top compartment of his desk. Turn around and pull the lever on the railing to the left. Exit the living room and step on the platform on the right side.

Myst 4 komplettlsung pdf

It is the only Myst Game I have not played. This game is the best Myst of all. Please add this, I would love to buy the entire series, mla handbook 7th edition pdf Myst all the way through to End of Ages.

Myst 4 Revelation DVD Edition - Windows-Mac (Eng)

So follow Atrus'instructions very carefully until you have set the second coordinates! Then push the square button once more to open the hidden compartments.

It should work properly now. Walk further to the left and stand in front of the bookcase.

This opens the lid and you'll see that the same shaped green-colored crystal is now in that box. Turn around and step on the platform.

Move the lever at the bottom of the device to turn the planets. Owned Buy now Pre-order now. Now you can easily find out the correct order to press the different books to unlock the bookcase.

Go inside and walk to the Crystal Viewer. Delivering user-friendly support enriched with additional customer benefits. Now move the slider slowly to the right and be sure that you see the third image of a crystal. Step on the platform and walk to the circular monitors. Look around and see that Yeesha's amulet is laying on the floor.

In the left cupboard you'll see some kind of book and in the right cupboard you'll see some kind of cloth. Turn around and go to outside. This game is not available at all. Turn around and study the stove. You'll see a sketch of the fireplace.

Myst 4 komplettlsung pdf

Now move the slider all the way to the right to see the eight image of a crystal. When Yeesha leaves, turn around and walk further into the greenhouse. Open the drawer of the desk.

Pick it up and click on it to see what has taken place. After your free ride down walk to the big broken circular door at the left. The last one you found in Yeesha's Journal for the Age called Serenia.

She tells you to make a picture of the nice view. Turn to the left and go one step forward. Go down and enter Yeesha's bedroom. He points to the control panel behind your back. Take a picture of the colored crystals.

Besides that you can take pictures in total. Can somebody help me find it, or give me some info please? Take a picture of the opened book. Walk all the way back to the elevator via the two greenhouses.

Myst 4 komplettlsung pdf

You can move the ball by using the handles. Leave the greenhouse through the opening in the wall.

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Myst 4 komplettlsung pdf

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Hang-on and join the ride! This opens the lid and you'll see that the same shaped dark yellow-colored crystal is now in that box. This opens two compartments. Turn to the right and walk toward the Crystal Viewer.

Walk forward on the wooden planks. To the right is some kind of enter button with which you have to confirm your entries. Catherine made that power box because Atrus has caused accidents with the power supply in the past. You can start some water running by using the tap.

Myst 4 komplettlsung pdfMyst 4 komplettlsung pdf