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Later Amulek joined Alma as his missionary companion. It's like a museum of bad ideas. Most of the actual objections to things McConkie taught could just as well be aimed at the prophets, as well as the God, of the Old Testament. Critics of this book are like fish without scales and fins.

Mormon Doctrine

Mormon Doctrine (book)

Since it is impossible for a man to be saved in ignorance of God and his laws, and since man is saved no faster than he gains knowledge of Jesus Christ and the plan of salvation, it fo. Offers concise summaries of Mormon beliefs about everything from sex, Sundays, and the nature of god to the location of the lost tribes of Israel and the second coming of Christ. Behold, I have fasted and prayed many days that I might know these things of myself.

Topic after topic is covered in brief definitions in alphabetical order. Science, Religion, and Mormon Cosmology.

This book has been a bit problematic in that interspersed with sound doctrinal exegesis there are many strongly held opinions regarding areas where there has been less light forthcoming. Not that Elder McConkie was a Moses, or claimed to be.

The Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants

The vehement anti-Roman Catholic diatribe is a must-read. McConkie was infamously opinionated, and peppered the first edition with rants against chiropractors, psychologists, hypnotists, and the Catholic church. McConkie was not an apostle yet it was pulled from the shelves by David O. Behold, I testify unto you that I do know that these things whereof I have spoken are true.

Did Jesus Christ have all the power from Heavenly Father? Open Preview See a Problem? Church leadership required him to rem One of the more definitive Mormon doctrinal encyclopediae, helpful for anybody with deep questions about what the church believes. It is that most correct book which, if men will abide by its precepts, will get them closer to God than any other book.

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Much of what is in this book I no longer agree with. It is evident that Elder McConkie's personal opinions sometimes did manage to creep into the book, and sometimes I disagreed with him.

The Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants

Are we accepting and teaching what the revelations tell us about the Creation, Adam and the Fall of man, and redemption from that fall through the Atonement of Christ? Kimball received a revelation that the priesthood should be extended to all worthy male members. Of coursce, we must always look to the most recent discussions by current church leaders to get the most accurate info.

In addition to that, I am in possession of handwritten papers by my father affirming that direction. Do we understand and are we effective in teaching and preaching the Atonement?

What does redemption from the Fall mean to us? It was intended primarily for a Latter-day Saint audience and is often used as a reference book by church members because of its comprehensive nature.

We each need to get our own testimony of the Book of Mormon through the Holy Ghost. It never has been the case, nor is it so now, convert man page to pdf that the studies of the learned will prove the Book of Mormon true or false.

As always there are changes to the doctrines within Mormonism. Although this title is a misnomer, the book is not Mormon Doctrine, more like some possible teachings of Mormonism. Excluding the witnesses to the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants is by far the greatest external witness and evidence which we have from the Lord that the Book of Mormon is true.

Among these statements, there are those related to race and other politically charge topics. Given the many harmful doctrines in this book and yes, I absolutely concede the point that this is not an official church document and is not an official statement of doctrine by the church. When I first encountered this as a missionary, I could not get enough of it. But I read Mormon Doctrine and made a different decision.

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Quotes from Mormon Doctrine. It is noteworthy that McConkie, even as an apostle, does not have the authority to state what is doctrine fo When I first encountered this as a missionary, I could not get enough of it. Now, after we teach the great plan of the Eternal God, we must personally bear our testimonies of its truthfulness.

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You can be assured of that. We decided this morning that we do not want him to publish another edition. If you visit the southern U. McConkie would have you be.