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FRITZ Fon C4 - BoxMatrix

Fon to its factory settings. Press the bottom of the control ring The telephone book is opened.

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Fon you can receive and send e-mail when your computer is switched off. To play back all new messages, press and hold down the answering machine key To select a message, press the messages key. Fon y, en caso dado, los cascos conectados.

Fritz Fon C4 Configuration And Operation

Fon for your requirements. Fon to operate other devices in the home network. Fon can cause unpleasant noises. Smaltite tutti i componenti elettronici forniti in dotazione consegnandoli ad un apposito punto di raccolta per vecchi apparecchi elettrici ed elettronici.

FRITZ Fon C4 - BoxMatrix

You can still pick up incoming calls. Fon, you can only call emergency numbers.

Il firmware di entrambi i dispositivi dev'essere aggiornato. The conditions of the warranty are elaborated in the manual.

Fon you can listen to podcasts. Page Manufacturer's Warranty If we reject a warranty claim, this claim lapses no later than six months after being rejected by us.

Select a call diversion setting. The most recent message is at the top of the list. Box or another media server in the home network. With such natural acoustics, even long telephone calls are extremely enjoyable. Box with the latest firm- ware.

Page Settings In The Fritz! Related Manuals for Fritz! Page Paging A Mislaid Fritz! Box, you can configure up to three different alarms. Fon at up to four base stations, toefl reading tests pdf and change the active base station quickly as needed.

With the control ring and the left display button you can navigate up, down and back through the menus. Press the key and select a call list. The three-party conference is set up. Disabling Do Not Disturb You can switch off the ring tone.


Entering Numerals, Letters and Text To enter a letter, a numeral, or a character, press the corresponding key. Fon are operated using a menu, which has a main menu and several submenus. This includes product names and logos in particular. Versatile and easy to use We set great store by user-friendliness and make your life as easy as possible. The e-mail message will be sent.

Placez la batterie dans son logement. Rotate the coin until the battery cap pops open and take off the battery cap. All other products and company names are trademarks of their respective owners. Settings you have configured will be discarded. Chiudete il vano della batteria.

Press the call key You will enter the voice menu of the answering machine. Fon models so you can compare and choose between them. All current functions and settings are at your disposal if both devices are using the current firmware. Navigate to the desired menu item.

Weighing just g, this slimline, lightweight device is easy to hold in your hand. The telephone number from the call list is added. Fon cordless telephones you can use different e-mail accounts on the different cordless telephones. Specify the mode, greeting delay and recording length. You are connected to the first party again.


Fon from that base station. Select a telephone number and press the call key The call will be connected. The message appears on the display. The conductors of the battery must be in contact with the conductors in the housing.