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Much of the country is positioned within the hot and dry and mostly unproductive Sahara Desert, covering Chad with sand and barren scrub land. In the Sahel sedentary peoples live side-by-side with nomadic ones, such as the Arabs, the country's second major ethnic group. Territories and dependencies.

United Nations Population Division. This article is about the country. Chad's television audience is limited to N'Djamena.

United Nations University Press. See templates for discussion to help reach a consensus. There have also been reports of gold -bearing quartz in the Biltine Prefecture.

Bureau Secretariat Gallagher Estate. Deputies elect a National Assembly president every two years.

Although property and inheritance laws based on the French code do not discriminate against women, local leaders adjudicate most inheritance cases in favour of men, according to traditional practice. United States Department of Commerce.

Since then the trend has been upwards each year. University of Pennsylvania Press. It is slightly smaller than Peru and slightly larger than South Africa.

Start Your Free Trial Today. Higher education is provided at the University of N'Djamena. Saudi Arabian funding generally supports social and educational projects and extensive mosque construction. This move has angered the Chadian government.

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Chad's population is unevenly distributed. Despite the constitution's guarantee of judicial independence, the president names most key judicial officials. Careers ExxonMobil is a dynamic, exciting place to work. The region's tall grasses and extensive marshes make it favourable for birds, reptiles, and large mammals.

The body consists of members elected for four-year terms who meet three times per year. Extensive deforestation has resulted in loss of trees such as acacias, baobab, dates and palm trees.

Chad and Cameroon

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It is used to make balls of paste that are dipped in sauces. In January the World Bank suspended its loan programme when the Chadian government passed laws reducing this amount. Oil production began in with the completion of a pipeline financed in part by the World Bank that links the southern oilfields to terminals on the Atlantic coast of Cameroon. Birdlife International Organization.

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University of California Press. The American Journal of Human Genetics. Cultural Profiles Project.

With no railways of its own, Chad depends heavily on Cameroon's rail system for the transport of Chadian exports and imports to and from the seaport of Douala. Due to the important role played by itinerant Arab traders and settled merchants in local communities, kim fowler electronic instrument design pdf Chadian Arabic has become a lingua franca. Chad and Cameroon Article.

Later, more renowned groups such as African Melody and International Challal attempted to mix modernity and tradition. Countries and territories of Africa. Chad is a religiously diverse country. Several types of soil formation occur in Chad, apart from the sand of the desert zone and the sheer rock of the mountainous areas.

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Tombalbaye's autocratic rule and insensitive mismanagement exacerbated inter-ethnic tensions. Because of its great variety of peoples and languages, Chad possesses a rich cultural heritage. Poor already, the nation and people struggled to accommodate the hundreds of thousands of Sudanese refugees who live in and around camps in eastern Chad. In major direct foreign investment in the oil sector began, boosting the country's economic prospects. Country in central Africa.

He won a second term five years later. It contains precise specifications on a wide range of environmental and socioeconomic measures that the project must undertake. The people of Chad have customarily disdained modern music. Energy Information Administration.

However, if the National Assembly rejects the executive branch's programme twice in one year, the president may disband the Assembly and call for new legislative elections. After entering an ill-defined area of swampland between Niellim and Dourbali, it flows through a large delta into Lake Chad. The parastatal is now expected to be privatised. In southern Chad, bitter conflicts over land are becoming more and more common.

Chad and Cameroon