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Speed required is inversely proportional to the square of piston diameter. Swing checks can be used in vertical ipe runs with flow in the upward direction on y if a stop is included to prevent the clapper from opening past top-deadcenter. In many cases, for a high preyure swing check to be in-line repairable, the minimum size may be two and one half or three inches. Detailed corrosion control practices for platform piping systems are outside the scope of this recommended practice.

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Select a suction line size for this pump application. Care must be exercised in locating air compressor suctions to preclude the introduction of gas or hydrocarbon vapors into the system.

The terminus of the manifold runs should be blind flanged to provide a. Accessories should be installed to permit ready removal for repairs or replacement. The exhaust stream from a glycol reboiler contains steam and hydrocarbon vapors. An external heat source may be required to prevent freezing if the. Outlets from vessels and pipin should be from the top of the system and drains from the bottom.

Just click file title and download link will show up. Chokes are normally installed to control the flow from oil and gas wells. Learn how we and our ad partner Google, collect and use data. Single- hase gas lines should be sized so that the resulting enapressure is high enough to satisfy the requirements of the next piece of equipment. After upload, share files instantly via Social networks or via Email with your friends or family.

Tests should be conducted to qualify welding procedures to be utilized. American Petroleum Institute.

Document highlights industry recommended cementing and well construction techniques to help ensure cementing jobs include proper. Extremely high metal weight loss may occur under these conditions.

American Iron and Steel Institute. General Pressure Drop Equation. Experience has shown that severe corrosion can occur beneath these protective materials without any visible evidence. Values of C, are usually published in valve catalogs. Detailed information concerning ipe, valves and fittings may be readily shown using tabes.

Noise in a piping configuration is caused by the turbulence of a fluid passing through the system. Based on these considerations, specific suggestions for the a plication of certain types of valves are given in the foiowing paragra hs.

Compatibility of Materials. Our partners will collect data and use cookies for ad personalization and measurement. Single-phase li uid lines should be sized primarily on the basis flow velocity. Vent or flare structures should preferably be installed on the down wind side of the platform, taking into account helicopter and boat approaches, etc.

Other materials that may be suitable for platform piping systems have not been included because they are not generally used. In such systems it is suggested that a wall thickness monitoring -method be instituted. Care should be taken to ensure that each branch of the system has circulation during this period.

When different metals are coupled together in the presence of a n electrolyte, galvanic action will occur. If possible, the relief device should be located on the expansion surge tank which will serve as a separator. Adgtional recommendations are provided below.

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Closure is accomplished by pressing the diaphragm against a metal weir which is a part of the valve body. Swing check valves should be selected with a screwed or bolted bonnet to facilitate inspection or repair of the clapper and seats.

Sensors should be installed with an external test connection and block valve. Some commonly used insulating materials are calcium silicate, mineral slagwool, glass fiber and cellular glass.

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At least one carbon steel material recommendation is included for most applications. This eYirninates the possibility of gas pockets being formed in the suction i i n. Trunnion mounted ball valves turn more easily but may not seal as well. Materials used to contain process streams containing hydrogen sulfide should be selected to accommodate these parameters.

Only carbon steel materials are discussed since carbon steel is suitable for the preponderance of platform piping systems. The pressure drop due t o welded fittings may be calculated by including their equivalent length in the total length of the piping system.

API RP 14E.pdf

Unless otherwise specified by the purchaser, pic16f1823 datasheet pdf ring-joint gaskets made of soft iron or low-carbon steel are cadmium-plated. This publication is intended to supplement rather than replace individual engineering judgment. When good throttling control is required e. They should be located upstream of wire mesh mist extractors.