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Press the button to display the map scale menu and change the map to the desired scale. Once released, the file will begin playing at normal speed. Press Center to restore sound to the center position. In addition, the fol-lowing types of facilities may be more frequently located in other locations.

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If no frequencies are received, then the most recently received frequency will be broadcast. Adjust the volume to a suitable levels before turning off the device. This menu is used to reset saved changes and user preferences.

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Battery Warning Message Use the system only when the engine is running. Read the following safety cautions for your safety.

Is User Manual Archive a manufacture

From the alternative route options, select the desired route. Some of brake can freeze in the engaged the items you may want to carry position. When the title, artist, and album info are displayed, the button is changed to Info Off. First park the vehicle before operating the device.

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This is accelerating or shifting gears. Use only an approved trailer wiring harness.

If we helped you at all - could you consider donating to keep us online? This menu is used to set voice recognition mode between Normal and Expert mode. Side impact air bag modules ized Kia dealer. If it fits loosely, consult an authorized Kia dealer.

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The current track is repeated. For better fuel economy and you drive and when you drive. When driving, view the screen only for short periods of time. Make sure that doors are locked by pulling the outside door handle. The rear camera will automatically stop operating when set to a different lever.

Page If in doubt, consult an author- they are all tight. On vehicles not equipped with the automatic head- light aiming feature. In order to use the iPod while operating the keys, you must use a dedi-cated iPod cable. Pair and connect your smartphone with the vehicle.

Press Update button on the touch screen. Lift up the wiper blade clip. Make sides of the vehicle will deploy in authorized Kia dealer. It is accurate at the time of printing.

Replace the air cleaner filter. Enter the name of the Street, City and State corresponding to the desired desti-nation. Song-Tagging The song tagging feature provides a way to capture broadcasted song informa-tion from the radio for future purchase in iTunes.

Before using the product, read the con-tents of this user's manual carefully and use this product safely. For informa-tion on connecting your Bluetooth device, elements of entrepreneurship pdf refer to the smart-phone user's manual and instructions on the Phone Help screen on your radio. Symbols shown within the manual represent a portion of all symbols and shou as a reference. If the water pump drive belt is bro- call an authorized Kia dealer for stopped.

Kia Sorento Owners Manual Pdf

Please read the following safety matters for your safety. By enabling this feature, you are agreeing the Crash Notification Assist terms of use. The driver is ultimately responsible for the safe operation of the vehicle and there-fore, must evaluate whether it is safe to follow the suggested directions.

Do not con- ing is not apparent, you should have nect it to or near any part that your vehicle checked by an author- moves when the engine is cranked. Do not use water to clean the device. The Detour menu is used to redefine the route by setting a detour to a certain dis-tance from the current position. Insert the rear seat belt buckle in the pocket between the rear seat- back and cushion, and insert the rear seat belt webbing in the guide to prevent the seat belt from being damaged. Some time may be required until all features are ready for use.

Page Luggage Box Features of your vehicle Luggage box Grasp the handle on the edge of the cover and lift it. Driving while unable to hear these sounds could cause an accident.

Page Seat Belt Precautions This must be air bag. Stop the vehicle in a safe and legal manner before attempt-ing these operations.

Saves broadcasts with superior reception to keys. Operating the device while driving could lead to accidents due to a lack of attention to external surroundings. The sport mode is usually used The comfort mode is usually used when driving on the highway. Categories are sub-categorized and the selected area and category are displayed at the top of the screen for user convenience.

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