2012 Acura Tsx Owners Manual Pdf

Shifting to R before stopping can damage the transmission. If one or more tires are low, inflate them to the correct This monitor shows how much pressure. Adjust the steering wheel only when the vehicle is stopped.

Even if the Zone Map compass system is in the zone setting mode, the display returns to the normal display which you last selected. Indicator in the button remains green when the engine is not running.

Please read and follow the instructions on these labels. While this may not interfere with normal driving, have your vehicle checked by a dealer immediately. Press it twice to unlock the other doors. Turn to adjust the volume. Never drive faster than is safe for current conditions, regardless of the maximum speed posted.

Page Instrument Panel Brightness To reduce glare at night, the instrument panel illumination dims when you turn the light switch to. Page Setting the Clock You can quickly set the time to the On models without navigation system nearest hour. When exiting the vehicle, be sure the belt is out of the way and will not get caught by closing the door. To stop the moonroof midway, touch the switch briefly. Take the appropriate action for the message.

2012 Acura TSX Owners Manual

2012 Acura TSX Owners Manual

Once the vehicle is running, disconnect the negative cable from your vehicle, then from the booster battery. Then push the release button, and pull the restraint up and out.

They also help keep you from being thrown against the inside of the vehicle, against other passengers, or out of the vehicle. The moonroof will automatically open or close all the way. Also, make sure all rear shoulder belts are positioned in front of the seat-back, and the center shoulder belt is re-positioned in the guide.

Check your seat belts regularly and have any problem corrected as soon as possible. To close the key, press the release button then push the key inside the transmitter until you hear a click. Do not set the temperature near the upper or lower limit. Press this button again to cancel the menu display mode. When your vehicle needs maintenance, keep in.

Do not use bleach or cleaning solvents. Therefore, it is not possible for one set of estimates to predict fuel economy precisely for all drivers in all environments. Even one drink can reduce your ability to respond to changing conditions, and your reaction time gets worse with every additional drink.

Acura TSX Owners Manual

If the starter motor still operates slowly, check that the jumper cables have good metal-to-metal contact. Refer to the Music Search function on page for how to select a playlist. During normal operation, the pointer should rise from the bottom mark to about the middle of the gauge. Once another phone is found, it is connected to the system.

Spilled liquids can damage the upholstery, carpeting, and electrical components in the interior. This does not indicate a problem with your audio system. Coverage and terms of your vehicle's warranties, including general provisions, new vehicle limited warranty, emissions, tires and accessories warranties, replacement parts and more.

You have no vehicle information saved in your Acura Owners account. It As you read this manual, appropriate preposition pdf you will will give you years of driving pleasure. Page Rearview Camera And Monitor Rearview Camera and Monitor On models with navigation system Refer to the navigation system manual for operation of the rearview camera.

If a connector is required, it should only be installed by a qualified technician. Music recognition technology and in Canada. This information alerts you to potential hazards that could hurt you or others.

Operation is subject to the dealer. The cargo hooks in the trunk can be used to install a net for securing items.

If you do not like the stations auto select has stored, you can store other frequencies in the preset buttons manually. The system starts pairing when there is no phone paired to the system. Select the desired level by pressing the customize item screen. To operate the have one of these marks.

The lighting and wiring of trailers can vary by type and brand. It may be stuck inside and damage the audio unit. The immobilizer system helps to protect against vehicle theft. Page Multi-Information Display When your selection is successfully completed, the display changes as shown above, and then goes back to the customize item screen. If the indicator comes on at any other time, or does not come on at all, have the system checked by a dealer as soon as possible.

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In fact, traffic seriously injured or killed in a collisions are the number one crash. Reinstall the trunk lining. When the vehicle starts moving, the wipers make a single sweep.

It may show slightly more or less than the actual amount. The tow hook should not be used to tow the vehicle onto a f lat bed. When your selection is successfully completed, the display changes as shown above, and then goes back to the customize item screen. Avoid rapid acceleration and have the transmission checked by your dealer as soon as possible. Turn the key counterclockwise again, and hold it.

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Please contact any authorized Acura dealer to determine if your vehicle is eligible for an update and to schedule a software update appointment. Page Seat Belt Maintenance Acura provides a limited warranty on seat belts. Although Acura does come on. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.


Always sit upright, well back in the seat, with your feet on the floor. Make sure your passengers are away from the windows before closing them. Set the fan speed to high.