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This indicator means that the engine will start by pushing the ignition switch with the clutch and the brake pedal depressed. Zone variation change procedure The difference between magnetic north and geo-graphical north is known as variance. The moonroof is now reset. Using a garage door opener without these features in-creases the risk of serious injury or death.

This could affect proper operation of the side air bag and curtain air bag systems. Seat belt warning light and chime The light and chime remind you to fasten your seat belts.

Push it from side to side while holding the seat near the seat belt path. In an accident, you could be thrown into it and receive neck or other serious injuries. Top tether strap anchor P.

For the front passenger, the occupant classification sensor is also monitored. While the Vehicle Dynamic Control system is operating, you might feel slight vibration or hear the system working when starting the vehicle or accelerating, but this is normal. This vehicle is delivered to you with confidence. Seat belts should always be correctly worn and the occu-pant seated a suitable distance away from the steering wheel, instrument panel and door finish-ers.

Additionally, if any of the front air bags inflate, the activated pretensioners must also be replaced. Check the adjustment after someone else uses the seat.

The light will not illuminate when the front pas-senger seat is unoccupied. Shoulder belt height adjustment Sedan, front seats The shoulder belt anchor height should be ad-justed to the position best for you. The high beam lights come on and the light illuminates.

Master warning light This light comes on when various vehicle infor-mation display warnings appear. To adjust, move the arm up as indicated. Always sit well back in the seat with both feet on the floor and adjust the seat belt properly.

It is not possible for even the strongest adult to resist the forces of a severe accident. Low windshield washer fluid warning This warning illuminates when the windshield washer fluid is at a low level. Be aware of your surroundings, and park in secure, well-lit areas whenever possible. Based on information from the sensors, only one front air bag may inflate in a crash, depending on the crash severity and whether the front occupants are belted or unbelted. Front passenger supplemental air bag P.

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For car owners who value well-defined handling, the Altima excels. The phone numbers are located in the Foreword of this manual. Please read through this manual before operating your vehicle. However, all of the information, cau-tions and warnings in this manual still ap-ply and must be followed. They may interfere with side air bag inflation.

Confirm that the security indicator light comes on. The power window automatically opens or closes depending on if the automatic down or up function is selected. Always wear your seat belts to help reduce the risk or severity of injury in various kinds of accidents.

Nissan Altima - Maintenance (Section MA) - PDF Manual (41 Pages)

In all models, the Nissan Altima offers a spacious, secure interior, iso 4463-1 pdf a minimum of for front passengers. The Nissan Altima sedan launched as a model. The Altima sedan and coupe seem edgy and classy. Download Nissan Altima Owners Manual.

Nissan Altima Manual

Nissan Altima repair manual

Center armrest if so equipped Pull the armrest down until it is horizontal. Items such as these may move during normal driving or a collision and result in serious injury or death. Do not place cargo higher than the seatbacks. Adjust the Active Head Restraints properly as described in this section. Check with your doctor for specific recommendations.

For example, do not change the front seats by placing material near the seat-backs or by installing additional trim material, such as seat covers, around the side air bag. Average speed mode The average speed mode can be selected to display the average miles per gallon and miles per hour since the last reset.

If loose parts, deterioration, cuts or other damage on the webbing is found, the entire seat belt as-sembly should be replaced. The light illuminates when the trunk lid is opened.

The time to rest alert lets you know when you have been traveling for a long time and may need a break. The wiper will also operate several times. After pretensioner activation, load limiters allow the seat belt to release webbing if necessary to reduce forces against the chest.

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Working with the seat belt retractor, it helps tighten the seat belt when the vehicle becomes involved in certain types of collisions, helping to restrain front seat occupants. Press the training button on the garage door opener motor unit which may activate a training light. Also, the seatback can be reclined to allow occupants to rest when the vehicle is stopped and the transmission is in P Park or N Neutral position with the parking brake fully applied. Have the system repaired promptly.

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