2008 Dodge Avenger Service Manual Pdf

To disable the window controls on the other doors, press the window lock button. Maintenance section of this manual for more informa- tion. The tie rod end ball joints should be inspected for external leakage and damage when other maintenance is Fluid level should be checked on a level surface and performed. If your air conditioner is on, turn it off. This is cell phone-dependent.

Do not use protectants or other products, which may cause undesirable reflections. If your vehicle is equipped, the side airbag on the crash side of the vehicle is triggered in moderate to severe side collisions.


Dodge Avenger Owner s Manual


Use the front switch to move the seat up, down, forward, rearward, or to tilt the seat. The sunroof will open to the vent position. Do not use solvents such as benzine, thinner, cleaners, or antistatic sprays.

Dodge 2008 Avenger Owner s Manual

An optional removable ashtray may be located in the one cup holder. When returning the rear seat back to the upright position, be sure the seat back is latched. An airbag deployment could cause severe injury or death to infants in this position. Press this button to instruments, or abrasive window cleaners on the turn on the rear window defroster and the heated side interior surface of the window. Your vehicle is equipped with power assisted brakes as standard equipment.

This engine oil improves low temperature starting and vehicle fuel economy. Under inflation, also increases tire rolling resistance and results in higher fuel consump- tion. Because of the reduced ground clearance, do not take your vehicle through an automatic car wash with the compact spare installed.

Unequal tire sizes must not be used. Damage to the catalytic converter can result if your vehicle is not kept in proper operating condition.

2008 Dodge Avenger Owners Manual PDF

If it is necessary to sit in a parked vehicle with the engine running, adjust your heating or cooling controls to force outside air into the vehicle. In the event of an individual being locked inside the trunk, la taberna emile zola pdf the trunk can be simply opened by pulling on the glow-in-the-dark handle attached to the trunk latching mechanism.

Park the vehicle on level ground. Pull the bulb out of the socket and replace the bulb. Reinstall the glove box door dampener and glove box.

The clock setting menu will appear on the screen. Make sure all occupants have securely fastened their seat belts. Unequal tire size may cause failure of the power transfer unit. Store a disc in its case after playing.

Pull the bar up to move the seat to the desired position. To provide additional storage area, the rear seatback can be folded forward. Opening a vehicle front door will cancel this feature. The tires on your new vehicle provide a balance of many characteristics. Sirius Satellite Radio is vehicles equipped with a backup camera, and on some optional.

Someone on the road may be a poor driver and cause a collision that includes you. The compact spare tire if so equipped does not have reinstall it on the vehicle in place of the compact spare, a tire pressure monitoring sensor. You may damage the airbags and you could be injured because the airbags are not there to protect you.

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This feature reduces interior air to condense on windows and hamper the possibility of window fogging. Turn the ignition key soon as possible if this occurs. Lots of snow or ice around the wheels or wheel housings.


Automobile Dodge charger Owner's Manual pages. Dodge Avenger Owner's Manual pages. The transaxle will stay in the manually selected gear.

Press this switch to lock or unlock the doors. The vapor will soon dissipate. Do not touch the new bulb with your fingers. To release the belt, push the red button on the buckle. No regular maintenance is required for these compo- nents.

Electronic Volume Control The electronic volume control turns continuously degrees in either direction without stopping. Charging System Light This light shows the status of the electrical charg- ing system. Page Electronic Vehicle Information Center evic - If Equipped the parking brake is applied or a brake fault is detected. If the vehicle is equipped with window bags, they are located above the side windows. If for some reason the power assist is interrupted, it will still be possible to steer your vehicle.

Dodge Avenger Owner s ManualDodge Avenger Owner s Manual Pages PDF

Dodge 2008 Avenger Owner s Manual