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Therefore, the atmospheric pressure is introduced into the canister. When the connection is completed, When this screen is displayed, follow the the Passkey displayed on the screen this screen is displayed.

For details, livro manifesto comunista pdf see the Prius Repair Manual Pub. Toyota prius Owner's Manual pages. Toyota Prius Owner's Manual pages. This Owner's Manual explains the operation of your new Toyota.

Please note that this manual applies to all models and explains all equipment, including options. The indicator lamp goes off after driving several times.

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You must follow these warnings carefully to avoid possible injury or damage. Page Vehicle Stability Control System The slip indicator light blinks in the follow- may not function correctly.

Toyota Prius - Owner s Manual - PDF ( Pages)

Then, using a sponge or face in large patches. Remember, your Toyota hicle over anything that might burn dealer knows your vehicle and its easily such as grass, leaves, paper three- way catalytic converter sys- or rags. Page Stop- and- go driving sion. Create an account and get the most out of your Toyota today. Airbag sensor assembly sensor assembly.

Introduction - Changed features and model line-up are explained. No documents were found for your. Read the message and follow the instruction.

Then get immediate medical attention. Page Outside temperature display Depending on the position of the head- light switch, the screen changes to the day mode or night mode. The system has one phone book. The next owner will need this information also.


Odometer and two trip meterss. To protect the gins operating.

The belt will ward- facing position only. Your finger might be injured. Toyota dealer will be pleased to answer them. If the disc is not set, the compact disc player does not turn on. You can change the display and settings of Bluetooth information on the system.

When you release your vehicle, delete all the data on the system. Damage to the vehicle or components may occur if instructions are ignored. If the system does not work properly, have it checked by your Toyota dealer. You can see or set the information of the Bluetooth phone on the system. The appearance of a tire can be misleading.

Your Do not use your parking brake when Toyota dealer will be pleased to check the there is a possibility it could freeze. Page Front Fog Lights Front fog lights Interior lights some models To turn on the interior light, slide the switch.


Contact your Do not perform any of the following Toyota dealer as soon as possible. Page Observe the following instructions or slot. Page Hybrid Transaxlee Hybrid transaxle Your hybrid transaxle has an electronic shift lever system to minimize incorrect operation.

Fully extend the shoulder belt to put it Contact your Toyota dealer immedi- or around the infant seat following the in the lock mode. Page Initializing the settings iv Setting the phone book You can initialize the settings.

If you delete a group name, that group will return to default setting. Occupant Classification Sensor The occupant classification sensors are installed on four brackets connecting the seat rail and the seat frame. Page Precautions For Use about V and to other compo- As unwanted noise may occur in the nents that are all high voltage. If damaged, replace immediately. Page iii Setting the screen Receiving Call Display You can select the method of the re- ceiving call display.

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Park on a level spot soon as possible at your Toyota dealer. Scan tuning See page for details.

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Read the shampoo instructions D Do not use organic substances sol- household window cleaner. Call a Toyota before opening the hood. The indicator light will go off. Use the software keyboard to input the name.

Do tion, take your vehicle to a Toyota dealer. To equalize tire wear and help ex- tend tire life, Toyota recommends that you rotate your tires accord- ing to the maintenance schedule. This is the primary identification number for your Toyota. This material may not be reproduced or copied, in whole or in part, without the written permission of Toyota Motor Corporation. The inside of the upper glove box is sepa- rated by the partition.

It will then be easier for you voice recognition. The selected mode turns on directly. When you complete all the edit, ter. Welcome to the growing group of value- conscious people who drive Toyotas. Page Initializing the Bluetooth settings.

In this case, your vehicle may to prepare the vehicle for re- testing. The anchorages are installed in the clear- ance between the seat cushion and seat- back of both outside rear seats. Fan speed at high mum figure appears. After inserting the support rod into the slot, make sure the rod supports the hood securely from falling down on to your head or body.

TOYOTA PRIUS Owner s Manual

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