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Page Driving The Traction Control switch, located above the radio, illuminates when the system is off. If the fuel filler cap is venting vapor or if you hear a hissing sound, wait until it stops before completely removing the fuel filler cap. Page Tires, Wheels and Loading Improper or inadequate vehicle maintenance can cause tires to wear abnormally.

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Page The use of leaded fuel in your vehicle without proper conversion may damage the effectiveness of your emission control system and may cause engine knocking or serious engine damage. Once the disabled vehicle has been started, run both engines for an additional three minutes before disconnecting the jumper cables.

Manual heating and air conditioning. While holding the steering column, pull the lever up to its original position to lock the steering column.

We know this sounds crazy. To lessen the risk of personal injury, do not put any part of your body under the vehicle while changing a tire. Connect the negative - cable to the negative - terminal of the assisting battery.

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Do not probe the contacts for the fuses and relays in the power distribution box as damage will occur, causing improper, or loss of, electrical functionality. Fill the fuel tank completely and record the initial odometer reading in miles or kilometers. Use only Ford recommended replacement fasteners. Ford Motor Company recommends that all safety belt assemblies in use in vehicles involved in a collision be replaced.

Ford 2006 Mustang Owner s Manual

Add enough fluid through the filler opening to bring the fluid up to the recommended levels. Install and tighten the fill plug securely. Page Seating and Safety Restraints Do not use accessory seat covers. Refer to Lubricant specifications in this chapter. If you smell exhaust fumes inside your vehicle, have your dealer inspect your vehicle immediately.

To lower the seatback s from inside the vehicle, pull strap to release seat back and then fold seatback down. Page including spare, if equipped. The high-pressure fluid could penetrate the sealed parts and cause damage.

Exhaust fumes can be toxic. However, for severe usage or in high temperature climates, check the battery electrolyte level. You and four friends average lb. Page Maintenance and Specifications Refueling Fuel vapor burns violently and a fuel fire can cause severe injuries.

Adjust the rotary control to the desired speed setting. Put the key in the ignition.

Page Always inflate your tires to the Ford recommended inflation pressure even if it is less than the maximum inflation pressure information found on the tire. Ford Motor Company has not approved a slingbelt towing procedure. Unlimited access to your Ford Mustang manual on a yearly basis.

Four-way seat adjust driver side only Pump the handle upwards to raise the cushion and pump downward to lower the cushion to the desired location. If the parking brake is fully released, but the brake warning lamp remains illuminated, the brakes may not be working properly. Park the booster vehicle close to the hood of the disabled vehicle making sure the two vehicles do not touch. Allow the belt to retract. Page In very cold weather, do not fill the reservoir completely.

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Fold the right side inward and secure the boot with the strap. Sitting on the safety belt will increase the risk of injury in an accident. The oil from your hand could cause the bulb to break the next time the headlamps are operated. Page Maintenance and Specifications Your results will be most accurate if your filling method is consistent.

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Pull the wiper arm away from the vehicle. Ensure the correct automatic transmission fluid is used. Page Reporting Safety Defects u. If you should become stuck in snow or ice or on a very slippery road surface, try switching the Traction Control system off. Install the boot on the vehicle by hooking the boot retaining clips on the back panel.

To obtain reimbursement information, U. Stow the boot in the trunk. Clip the tether strap to the anchor as shown. They may cause squeaking, chatter noise, streaking and smearing.

Always set the parking brake fully and make sure the gearshift is latched in P Park. Move the switch in the direction of the arrows to raise or lower the rear portion of the seat cushion.

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Unclamp the top from the windshield header by pulling each latch handle down and then rotating the latch to the rear until it clears the header. Refer to Brake fluid reservoir in the Maintenance and Specifications chapter. In addition, all safety belts should be checked for proper function. Insert the belt tongue into the proper buckle the buckle closest to the direction the tongue is coming from until you hear a snap and feel it latch. Page Wrecker Towing It is recommended that your vehicle be towed with a wheel lift and dollies or flatbed equipment.

The side airbag could injure you as it deploys from the side of the seatback. If this warning message is displayed, check the level of the engine oil. Do not hold the lighter in with your hand while it is heating, this will damage the lighter element and socket.

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