2005 Cadillac Srx Repair Manual Pdf

The third switch is for the rear sunshade. Then, make your selection. Do not let it get twisted.

Visually check for any leaks or damage. They are the brakes, the steering, and the accelerator. Now connect the black negative cable to the negative terminal of the good battery. This will continue for up to one and a half minutes, depending on the number of discs loaded.

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The button behind the second row seat is also a power folding seat button. Unlimited access to personal support reps who are always available to assist you. Driving should be adjusted accordingly. If your vehicle has to have a new odometer installed, the new one may read the correct mileage.

You never know if you will be in a crash. Check with your dealer before adding equipment to the outside of your vehicle. Touch the map screen twice for the scroll symbol to destination using the scroll symbol on the map screen. Page Steering Steering Power Steering If you lose power steering assist because the engine stops or the system is not functioning, you can steer but it will take much more effort.

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Inspect exhaust system for loose or damaged components. Step by Step Instructions.

Do not cover the solar sensor located in the center of the instrument panel, near the windshield. The belt is twisted across the body. Be sure to use the following steps to do it safely. While random, rather than sequential, order on the disc. Slide the cover back to expose them.

The lever will return to its original position. Page Airbag Readiness Light Airbag Readiness Light There is an airbag readiness light on the instrument panel, which shows the airbag symbol.

Cadillac Owners Manual

Cadillac cts automobile owner's manual pages. Cadillac dts automobile owner manual pages.

Ease off the accelerator and then, if there is nothing in the way, steer so that your vehicle straddles the edge of the pavement. You could have a crash and you or others could be killed. When this feature is turned on, the window switches only.

Your manual is updated with revised information as soon as it is released. See the OnStar manual provided with your vehicle for more information. Pressing this switch cancels automatic operation and places the system in manual mode.

For example, the street name N. Touch Return to go back to the previous screen. This will take you back to the preset station menu. It will be in either degrees Fahrenheit or degrees Celsius depending upon whether the system is set for English or metric units.

If it stays on after your parking brake is fully released, it means you have a brake problem. If it is not, have your brake system checked to see if there is a leak. The belt can not properly spread the impact forces.

Steepness can be hard to judge. Some commercial truck tires may not have treadwear indicators. To save your battery until you get there, turn off all accessories. The water may affect your brakes. Page Battery Replacement Matching Transmitter s to Your Vehicle Each remote keyless entry transmitter is coded to prevent another transmitter from unlocking your vehicle.

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Page Level Control Level Control This feature keeps the rear of your vehicle level as the load changes. This protects against draining the battery in case you have accidentally left the headlamps or parking lamps on. Also, you will not have adequate space if the vehicle ahead suddenly slows or stops. The system check includes the airbag sensors, the airbag modules, the wiring and the diagnostic module. When this feature is turned on, you can recall any previously programmed seat, adjustable pedals and mirror controls when the unlock button on the remote keyless entry transmitter is pressed.

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We'll get you the repair information you need, every time, or your money back. If the light does not come on, upsc ies 2013 notification pdf have it repaired. Have it inspected and repaired.

Cadillac 2005 SRX Owner s Manual

Put heavier items as far forward as you can. When the radio is turned on, the changer will begin checking for discs. Both the headlamps and the windshield will be washed. We know this sounds crazy. This screen is displayed on the map screen display several upcoming turns.

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Release the lever to lock the seatback in place. Map Scales To view a larger or smaller scale of the map, touch the map scale arrows.

Windshield Washer Fluid Reservoir. That is why safety belts make such good sense.