2004 Honda Pilot Repair Manual Pdf

Have your dealer check the tires if you feel a consistent vibration while driving. All models, and all engines are included. Automatic Seat Belt Tensioners. It makes you up-to-date and more knowledge. Turn it clockwise to lock it in place.

Set the cover in place twice to unlock the other doors and and turn it clockwise. Page Accessories And Modifications Be sure electronic accessories do crash in which you can be hurt Accessories or killed. If you exceed the maximum speed three gears are selected. Pull Stop the engine and keep heat, sparks, and flames away. Page The battery gives off explosive hydrogen gas during normal If additional battery maintenance is operation.

This means the vehicle self-seal if they are punctured. Page Automatic Transmission Avoid rapid acceleration and have the transmission checked by a Honda dealer as soon as possible. This figure available amount of cargo and trailer, the load from your trailer includes the total weight of all luggage load capacity.

When this happens, and ultimately it will, you will have to replace them. Read these labels carefully. These packages are complete with all the information needs. If the engine fails to start, press the accelerator pedal all the way In cold weather, turn off all down and hold it there while electrical accessories to reduce starting to clear flooding. The Maintenance Schedule shows you when you need to take your vehicle to the dealer.

Honda 2004 Pilot Reference Owner s Manual

Page If you are not sure how to add fluid, differential fluid filler bolt and contact your Honda dealer. Page Seat Belt Maintenance Two side airbags, the girl in the flammable skirt pdf one for the driver and one for a front seat belts can result in serious Honda provides a lifetime warranty injury or death if the seat belts passenger. Page Power Windows Honda dealer.

This Repair Manual for Honda Pilot can save you a lot of time. Fixing problems in your vehicle is a do-it-approach with the this Repair Manual for Honda Pilot as they contain comprehensive instructions and procedures on how to fix Less. Fixing problems in your vehicle is a do-it-approach with the this Repair Manual for Honda Pilot as they contain comprehensive instructions and procedures on how to fix the problems in your ride. All repair procedures are covered A-Z. Now, you dont have to rely on your mechanic for the simplest repair.

Make sure you have securely Make any steering wheel adjustment locked the steering wheel in place before you start driving. If it does not, turn off wrench available from your the engine and check your work. Proper use and care of your vehicle's seat belts, and Supplemental Restraint System. See page Unlock the seat-back by pulling the handle.


How to operate the climate control system, the audio system, and other convenience features. Towing on page or pulling it. Airbags offer no protection in rear impacts, or minor frontal or side collisions. If you find a tire is worn unevenly, have your dealer check the wheel alignment.

Insert the socket back into the headlight assembly. Add Check the fluid level in the coolant if it is low. Page Insert it all the way back into its Checks on page for information tube.

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Use these links and links throughout this manual to navigate through this reference. It is also necessary for licensing and insuring your vehicle.

Handle fuel only outdoors. The glove box light comes on only when the parking lights are on. Lock or unlock the glove box with the master key. Page If you mount snow tires on your the same time.

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Low Oil Pressure Indicator. Page Put the transmission in Neutral or the problem. Keep the receipts for all work done on your vehicle. Page Vehicle Storage Change the engine oil and filter.

Honda 2004 Pilot Reference Owner s Manual

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Your vehicle could You may be able to safely tow a easily slip off the jack and hurt you lightweight trailer such as a or someone else. Transceiver button by pushing it. To release the parking brake, push on the pedal again. Push the new bulb straight into the socket until it bottoms. Malfunction Indicator Lamp.

Check the fluid level with the engine Insert the dipstick all the way into at normal operating temperature. The airbags are stored on seat belts for U.

The interior fuse the right edge of the cover. This section covers several problems motorists sometimes experience, and how to handle them. It allows you to travel over bumps, obstacles, and rough terrain. Higher ground clearance has many advantages for off-highway driving.


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Use the cruise control when Maintenance Checks see page appropriate. It should be used for cruising on straight, open highways. Page Insert the new bulb and make sure Adjustments should be performed by it is right side up. This restores the modes to adjust the tone to your longer receive your preset stations, presets you originally set. Tapes longer than that may break or jam the drive.



Drive slowly along the shoulder until you get to an exit or an area that is far away from the traffic lanes. Honda dealer, reset the indicator as follows. Using lower comes out the tailpipe.