2003 F150 Owners Manual Pdf

2003 Ford F 150 Owners Manual PDF

The Dispute Settlement Board may not be available in all states. Direct the outer instrument panel vents towards the side windows To increase airflow to the outer instrument panel vents, close the vents located in the middle of the instrument panel. They can slide around and increase the likelihood of injury or death in a collision.

Ford Motor Company produces a towing manual for all authorized tow truck operators. Place the gearshift lever in N Neutral automatic transmission or depress the clutch manual transmission. For vehicle equipped with a manual transmission, free online indian magazines pdf you must depress the ignition release lever to release the key.

Many lights will illuminate when you start your vehicle to make sure the bulb works. Page Driving Do not rock the vehicle if the engine is not at normal operating temperature or damage to the transmission may occur. Page Seating and Safety Restraints The SuperCab rear seat has three straps behind the top of the seat back that function as both routing loops for the tether straps and anchor loops. Position the jack according to the following guides and turn the jack handle clockwise until the wheel is completely off the ground.

Page Driving Power is supplied to all four wheels through a transfer case. Pull control on the side of the seat to release seat cushion from the load floor position. With the parking brake engaged and your foot on the brake pedal, start the engine and move the gearshift lever through all of the gear ranges. Page Engine Oil In very cold weather, do not fill the reservoir completely.

Ford 2003 F-250 Owner s Manual

It does not include occupants or aftermarket equipment. Page Check the clutch fluid level. Set the parking brake on both vehicles and stay clear of the engine cooling fan and other moving parts. Latch the gearshift lever in P Park and leave the engine running.

This provides additional visibility of your vehicle to other drivers on the road. Move the control in the direction you wish to tilt the mirror.

Do not place objects on top of the instrument panel as these objects may become projectiles in a collision or sudden stop. Lift the battery with a battery carrier or with your hands on opposite corners. Loosen the clamp that secures the air filter element in place.

2003 Ford F-150 - Owner s Manual (280 pages)

Failure to follow these instructions may increase the risk of injury in a collision. Page Customer Assistance If you are in another foreign country, contact the nearest Ford dealership. Use only Ford recommended replacement fasteners. While the indicator is lit, release both controls to reset the average fuel economy.

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Page Maintenance and Specifications Replace the fuel filter with an authorized Motorcraft part. The compass reading may be affected when you drive near large buildings, bridges, power lines and powerful broadcast antennas. Rotate seat cushion up until it locks into vertical storage position. Page Fuel Information Maintenance and Specifications Once the engine temperature cools, the engine can be re-started.

Page The axle lubricant should be changed any time the rear axle has been submerged in water. Then, start the engine and complete the above driving cycle. Refer to Lubricant specifications in this chapter. Page Reporting Safety Defects u.

Use of these systems may result in vehicle starting problems and a loss of security protection. Pull out the old bulb from the socket and push in the new bulb.

Grades B and A represent higher levels of performance on the laboratory test wheel than the minimum required by law. You should always carry a second key with you in a safe place in case you require it in an emergency. Only use the accelerator when you have difficulty starting the engine.

The foglamps can be turned on only when the headlamp control is in the position and the high beams are not turned on. The customer warranty may be void for any damage to the fuel system if an authorized Motorcraft fuel filter is not used.

If equipped with a two piece lug wrench, assemble the lug wrench as shown in the illustration. The horn will chirp once to confirm the procedure is complete.

Page Maintenance and Specifications be void for any damage to the fuel tank or fuel system if the correct genuine Ford or Motorcraft fuel filler cap is not used. Page Make sure the tongue is latched securely by pulling on it. The doors will lock, then unlock, to confirm that the programming mode has been activated.

Pull control to release seat cushion. Add fluid until the level reaches the step in the reservoir.

Hold the brake pedal down while in this position. Return to the center position to disable the adjust function. This program is separate from the New Vehicle Limited Warranty. The heater can be plugged in the night before starting the vehicle.

The door will open slightly and can be moved to full open. Information on transfer case maintenance can be found in the Maintenance and specifications chapter. Install and tighten the fill plug securely.

Ford 2003 F150 Owner s Manual