1999 Subaru Legacy Outback Repair Manual Pdf

Check the transmission and differential oil levels and add oil to bring it to the upper level if necessary. Vehicle speed can be temporarily increased while driving with the cruise control activated. Check the washer fluid level fre- quently, such as at fuel stops. Page Auto Metal Sensor again is being played. Otherwise, the possibility of se- rious injury becomes greater in the event of a sudden stop or ac- cident.

The driver is therefore able to start the vehicle the same way as on a level grade, just using the clutch and accelerator pedal. To turn on the wiper deicer, push the switch.

Page Horn To turn on the defogger, push the switch. To dry the brakes, drive the vehicle at a safe speed while lightly pressing the brake pedal to heat up the brakes.

Remember that damage done to your Subaru while operating if off-road and not using common sense precautions such as those listed above is not eligible for warranty coverage. Page Trailer Towing for Outback And Sus If you do decide to tow a trailer, ebook sistem saham pdf your safety and satisfaction depend upon proper use of correct equipment and cautious operation of your ve- hicle.

If you have three current transmitters, program two of them once and the third one twice. Park the vehicle on a level surface and set the parking brake. When it is necessary to reduce vehicle speed due to slow traffic, turning corners, or driving up steep hills, downshift to a lower gear before the engine starts to labor. Use only brake fluid from a sealed container. If any of the doors or the rear gate is not fully closed, the horn will sound three times to alert you that the doors or the rear gate are not properly closed.

If the fan is not turning, immedi- ately turn the engine off and contact your authorized dealer for repair. Repairs needed as a result of using the wrong refrigerant are not covered under warranty. Repair chips and scratches in the paint as soon as you find them. If smoking is not desired, always put the cap on the socket to prevent any foreign object from entering it. The starter motor will only operate when the clutch pedal is pressed fully to the floor.

Subaru Outback Owners Manual 1999

Confirm that the pin located at the bottom of the seat cushion is in- serted into the slot at the top of the seatback. In the treble control mode, the display shows the indication as shown. Avoid driving straight up or down slopes that are too steep. Load Label on left-hand side. Page Warning And Indicator Lights If any lights fail to come on, it indicates a burned-out bulb or a malfunc- tion of the corresponding system.

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Page D Installation of a tire of different size and construction from the original tire listed on the tire placard attached to the door jamb. If you have two current transmitters, program each one twice.

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To lock the glove compartment, insert the master key and turn it clock- wise. To unlock it, insert the master key and turn it counterclockwise. Replace the bulb with a new one. To prevent overfilling the engine oil, do not add any additional oil above the upper level when the engine is cold. When the selection ends, the cassette player automatically rewinds to the begin- ning of the piece and the selection begins again.

Push the switch down until it clicks and release it, and the window will fully open. Page Locking The Doors the ignition switch. The indica- tor light will go off.

Subaru Outback Owners Manual 1999


Wipe the seating surface of the drain plug with a clean cloth and tighten it securely with a new sealing washer after the oil has completely drained out. Push the knob once to make it pop out.

To lower it, push the head restraint down while turning the release knob on the top of the seatback. Master, submaster and valet key Key number. When all doors are properly closed, all of the door open warning lights go out.

Release the key immediately after the engine has started. Tighten the mounting screws then reinstall the covers. Consult with a professional hitch supplier to assist you in choosing an appropriate hitch for your vehicle.

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Push the switch down or up until it clicks and release it, and the win- dow will fully open or close. The radio is turned on and off by pushing the knob and the volume is con- trolled by turning the knob.