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Page How to tune radio stations There are four ways for you to tune in a particular station. Page Weigh your vehicle as you customarily operate the vehicle without cargo. Move the mirrors for best view by tilting up or down, left or right. Turn off the ignition whenever you leave your vehicle. Page When checking fluid at normal operating temperature, the fluid level should be within the crosshatched area on the dipstick.

To disengage the safety belt from the seat, insert a key or small screwdriver into the slot provided on the detachable anchor. Then adjust the seat to the position that suits you best. Never touch the playing surface.

Try a different brand of fuel. Page Transmission continued fluid, checking and adding automatic.

Lift the hood and fix in up position using prop rod. Page Resuming a Set Speed If you press the brake pedal, the speed control is cancelled. Set the parking brake fully and make sure that the gearshift is securely latched in P Park. Press the bottom b half of the button to select the next listenable station down the frequency band.

Cargo should always be secured to prevent it from shifting and causing damage to the vehicle or harm to passengers. Wiper Blades Check the windshield wiper blades at least twice a year. The setting or position of the top lever determines the temperature of the air that flows into the vehicle. Generally, you should not experience difficulties operating your vehicle on reformulated gasoline or on fuels containing oxygenates.

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Shift in a steady rhythm between forward and reverse gears. General Store all vehicles in a dry, ventilated place. Be sure to block both directions of the wheel that is diagonally opposite to the wheel that is being lifted.

Page Rear Seat Radio Controls Protect cassettes from exposure to direct sunlight, high humidity and extreme heat or cold. Page Mirrors With the door closed and the seat adjusted for comfort and proper vehicle control, move the mirrors for best view by tilting up or down, left or right. Use special truck wash facilities for vehicles with this type of mirror.

Once again, we wish we could just show you the entire manual before you buy, but our publishing agreement with the auto manufactures prevents this. Page Replacing the Tires Replace any tires that show wear bands. In most states and in Canada the law requires their use. This is a normal condition. Take precautions to avoid its dangerous effects.

At the same time, your dealer and Ford Motor Company representative are asked to submit statements. Automobile Ford Expedition Owner's Manual pages. Page If you are not certain that you are using the right equipment in the proper manner, la sainte bible pdf see your Ford or Lincoln-Mercury dealer. Page Outside Mirrors Manual Control Adjust outside mirrors with the door closed and the seat adjusted for comfort and proper vehicle control.

Make sure that the jumper cables are not in the way of moving engine parts, then start the booster vehicle. This outlet should be used in place of the cigarette lighter for optional electrical accessories. We'll get you the repair information you need, every time, or your money back.

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Make sure tongue is latched securely to buckle by pulling on tongue. It is not necessary and not recommended to use supplemental coolant additives in your gasoline powered vehicle. An unsecured safety seat could also injure other passengers.

In this case, the Check Engine Warning Light may turn on and will then set a Diagnostic Trouble Code indicating that the engine was misfiring while the last of the fuel was being consumed. On the fuse panel cover, find the number of the fuse you want to check. Allow the transmission to fully engage, then press lightly on the accelerator. Page Ask your dealer for a copy of this limited warranty.

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Protect from sunlight, if possible. The vehicle should then be operated at idle speed to circulate the additive throughout the fuel system. Always warm up the windshield with the defroster before you use the washer fluid. Unlimited access to personal support reps who are always available to assist you.

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Turn on your headlamps at dusk. Pull up on the shoulder webbing. If you need to shorten the belt, pull on the loose end of the webbing.

Tip the steering wheel to the desired position. Do not adjust the mirrors while the vehicle is in motion.

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If you do not use the proper coolant, the aluminum radiator on your vehicle will corrode. Lift the seat assembly into the vehicle and position the seat to the floor mount. If you can hear the chains rub or bang against your vehicle, stop the vehicle and tighten the chains.