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They are called specific methods. But the hint behind the Sutra enables us to observe the problem completely and find the pattern and finally solve the problem by just observation. Always the base should be same for the two numbers.

One number is more and the other is less than the base. This was published posthumously in and is the main source of all the serious study on the subject. Shunyam Saamyasamuccaye When the sum is the same that sum is zero. Pages Home Maths worksheet Maths Game.

Easy Vedic Maths Sixteen ( 16 ) Sutras of Vedic Mathematics

We can see its application in solving the roots for general form of quadratic equation. Whatever the extent of its deficiency. Further the portion of digits or numbers left wards to the last digits remain the same. Let us work another problem by placing the carried over digits under the first row and proceed.


The second way that Veda is used is to describe true knowledge in the present which resides within peoples hearts or minds. The numbers taken can be either sutraw or more than the base considered. Newer Post Older Post Home. The remaining digits of the numbers should be identical. Hindi tutorial of vedic maths.

We have to find out the square of the number. It is quite possible that Sri Tirthaji intuited the sutras from his deep understanding of the subject, the Vedas and the nature of the human mind.

Increase the given number by surplus i. So the product of deviations becomes negative. Increase the given number further by an amount equal to the surplus. To have a clear representation and understanding a vinculum is used. There are many Vedic Maths Tricks you can find when you search for easy calculation.


Vedic mathematics is based on sixteen sutras together with a similar number of sub-sutras. Learn Vedic Maths sutras, Solve difficult calculations mentally and instantaneously. According to Tirthaji, all of Vedic mathematics is based on sixteen Sutras, pharmacology pdf or word-formulae.

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This is the meaning which we have accepted. Multiply the first digit with the above result i. Multiply the differences and write the product in the left side of the answer. The first is the collection of ancient Indian texts relating to both spiritual and secular knowledge.

Each sutra provides a principle of mental working applicable to many diverse areas of mathematics. Now try to find the square of When both the numbers are higher than the base. This Sutra is highly useful to find products of two numbers when both of them are near the Common bases i. Support Us by Visiting the links below!


In my experience it is better to approach Vedic mathematics from the second meaning relating to natural laws working within the human psyche. Know more About Vedic Mathematics. We have already covered the Vedic maths definition.

The traditional methods are more complex and difficult to use and apply and thus most of us starts hating Maths. Notice that for calculation of numerators x any y cyclic method is used and Denominators remains same for both x and y. The only difference is the positive deviation.

Its application at that point is as follows. You will find that soon you'll start using this methods in your general life and make its Optimum use. The only contribution we seek from our readers is to Bookmark our site to make people aware of this blog. Purana is well known in the present system.