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Phase compensation would add more complexity to the circuit. Please contact our sales support for information on specific devices. The transfer function of this device is stable over a wide temperature range and over the lifetime of the device.

The first stage is a differential amplifier and the second a non-inverting booster. Don't show this message again I got it.

No, create an account now. It looks as though it will do what you want. Does it have to be a linear amplifier?

Pulse amplifier using a opamp and MOSFET s

11N60C3 Datasheet

But their open collectors make getting a bipolar output difficult. Yep, that's going to mess with your speed.

Pulse amplifier using a opamp and MOSFET s

So what are you working with for power voltages? As a result, you may be unable to access certain features.

You didn't specify zero plase difference in your original spec. The opamp just can't handle that.

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Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox. What's the allowable rise time? Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this? Description Version Size Action.

11N60C3 Datasheet

Have you thought using a gate driver chip without the mosfet? This product is in stock in our e-store Sample and buy.

Hi, I want to make a pulse amplifier. Now you might be thinking, presentation evaluation form pdf that ain't too hard.

Pulse amplifier using a opamp and MOSFET s