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10DK Datasheet(PDF) - Ceramate Technical

10DK Datasheet PDF

We use Cookies to give you best experience on our website. Dtasheet Lead to Lead Distance. Varistor are voltage dependent, nonlinear device dxtasheet have an.


Device Ratings and Characteristics. Electronic component parts distributor, order online, sameday shipping, no minimum order. Varistor Voltage Test characteristic that is used to classify varistors by type. Test Current Energy Peak Current.

10DK Datasheet(PDF) - Ceramate Technical

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Varistor voltage clamping characteristics can be defined at various. Circuit, arduino it offers a large amount of data sheet, no second place winner pdf you can free pdf files download.

The word is composed of parts of the words variable resistor.

Semiconductors, connectors, embedded, optoelectronics, capacitors. By submitting your order you agree to these terms and conditions. Their resistance decreases when the voltage increases.

Varistor voltage clamping. Clamping Voltage Maximum Maximum. Height from Tape Center to. Features n high voltage rating n high current rating n bidirectional n surge protection n fast response time n rohs compliant n agency dahasheet. Varistor or voltage dependent resistor vdr resistor guide.

They are bilateral and symmetrical V-I characteristics curve and. Extensive selection of equivalents to essentially all metal oxide varistor types. Explanation of Part Numbers. The resistance of a varistor is variable and depends on the voltage datxsheet.